Success! (Of sorts)

Two big programming related things have happened to me, recently: Twice have people that I don’t know found code I have written useful!

The first was the developer behind Directory Watcher, who found my fork of his project useful, and used it as a jumping point for his lastest version. If you were to look at the History.txt file you would see the following:

== 1.2.0 / 2009-04-12
* 2 minor enhancements
  - added an option to persist state to a file [Benjamin Thomas]
  - the option to run the directory watcher scanner manually

Why that’s me! Though, honestly Tim (the developer) was being kind. He took my idea and wrote a much better implementation of it.

The second was a random person that had read my An even smarter html_truncate tag post. Apparently, he tried my code at the end and it didn’t work! (Which is likely. I copied and pasted my working code into my text editor (Vim) while writing the post and then proceeded to clean up things a little. Won’t do that again! Here’s what he said:

I was looking for an html truncater and I stumbled upon your blog post from January. Unfortunately, your code as it was didn’t work.

But being the nice guy he is, he fixed it himself.

If people are going to find my posts useful (even if they do have to rewrite my code), this might motivate me to blog more. I’ll do my best!