On the Interwebs, number 9

Some websites I have found interesting (in no particular order):

Finer Things in Mac — One of my favorite new blogs. I feel like eventually it is going to run out of interesting things to post and the percentage of quality observations is going down, but thus far it is very interesting! And I don’t think it is necessarily just interesting for Mac people. It is interesting to read about the little design changes that a company famous for design chooses to make.

Force ‘new window’ links to open in new tabs in Safari — This solves any day-to-day complaints I had about Safari. (Ideally Safari would provide an official way to extend it, á la Firefox)

The new Zune shows ads while you are waiting for applications to load — Seriously, You couldn’t make this stuff up!

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL — I sort of assumed the differences between the two where minor and a matter of personal preference (I mean they are both SQL, aren’t they!) but this comparison makes a strong case for PostgreSQL.