On the Interwebs, number 11

Some websites I have found interesting (in no particular order):

How to Write a Spelling Corrector — Apparently this is an oldie, but someone just linked to it and it was a fascinating read. Now all I need is a project that needs spelling suggestions!

Goosh — Woah! The demo of this one blew me away. Describes itself as “the unofficial google shell” and that is a pretty good description. If you like the command line than you’ll feel at home here. I’m giving it a try as my home page!

Sketch2Photo — This feels like the future. Draw a sketch of a scene, label the parts and it will turn it into a photo. Be sure to check out the examples.

SVG vs. Canvas — When to use which. Short answer: SVG is for vectors, Canvas is for pixels. Which explains why I like SVG so much more!

request-log-analyzer — I’ve been thinking a lot lately about analytics and Apache logs, and well, this can parse Apache logs. I’m more interested in statistics about visitors and this is more aimed for statistics about your application but I’ll still have to check it out.

pimping out git log — I don’t do a whole lot of branching and merging, and I don’t really need to look at my Git logs all that much, but this is still neat to look at.