On the Interwebs, number 13

Some websites I have found interesting (in no particular order):

Improving the Web Inspector — Wow! Very cool post detailing the improvements this developer did to Webkit’s Inspector (Webkit is the basis for Safari). This basically solves all complaints I had about Safari for web development.

Émile — To quote: “Stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript mini-framework”. Now this is what I call a javascript library: 2.5kb unminified and uncompressed. If I ever need animation, this is where I’ll look.

node.js — It seems to me that javascript is taking over. This is a way to write networked applications in javascript.

Multitouch on Unibody MacBooks — Wow! This shows you what your Apple laptop’s touchpad (a recent one at least) sees! Pretty darn accurate.

Data Monday: Operating System Market Share — Any statistics about general operating system market share are useless. Windows is big in the corporate world. And as far as I am can tell that is a market that Apple is happy to give to Microsoft. The real question is personal computers. That’s where we want to know what the numbers are!

Google may lose WSJ and other News Corp. sites — This seems really dumb to me. Do they really think people care enough about the Wall Street Journal to switch search engines? Heck, the majority of people probably don’t even know how to switch search engines. Here’s Rex Sorgatz thoughts on the matter. I think he’s wrong, too (sorry Rex!).