On the Interwebs, number 15

Some websites I have found interesting recently (in no particular order):

The Web in Danger — A great piece on the openness of the web and the danger of website monopolies.

node.js Presentation — The slides from a presentation recently about node.js1 and the philosophy behind it. And don’t worry, these slides make sense on their own without the speaker.

Learning Advanced Javascript — A great interactive tutorial on advanced javascript techniques. Though, I don’t know how easy it would be to understand if I wasn’t already sort of familiar with these concepts.

Atlas Dev Resources Video — I’ve been pretty hard on Cappuccino because I think it leads to large un-web-like websites. But a slide at the beginning of this video sort of hit it home exactly what sort of sites they are targetting. And even if I don’t want to build websites like this (I like the more hands-on, organic approach), I think Atlas appears to be a pretty amazing product.

Google Wave’s Scrollbars — The scrollbars are basically the first thing I noticed about Google Wave. I thought they were kind of gimicky but assumed they had a purpose. But now after reading this summary of how they work, I think they are pretty useless.

It’s All About the Self — More discussion on Ruby metaprogramming, this time about what self points to in different contexts. Apparently, there are a lot of ways to change a class!

Log in or sign up? — A look into combining the ‘log in’ form with the ‘sign up’ form on a website, with some inspiration from I personally hate the Amazon form. Maybe I’m just dumb but I find it confusing every time I encounter it.

  1. Which is basically like the coolest thing ever!