On the Interwebs, number 18

A piece with a lot of screenshots about the close tab behaviour in Google Chrome — Excellent write up about some excellent design. There has been a bug filed for Chrome to change this behavior on Mac OS X so that the close button goes on the left. I think this is lunacy, the Chrome guys did a great job here.

CSS Backgrounds in Firefox 3.6 — Finally we are getting the ability to manipulate CSS background images. Though we still don’t have the one feature I want: the ability to specify positions relative to a given point, like “put this image 6px to the right of center”.

Using YQL to load and convert RSS feeds really, really fast — I really need to get around to wrapping my head around YQL. I just wish it was more distributed so you aren’t relaying entirely on Yahoo.

RightJS 1.5: 6-8 times faster than jQuery — Some excellent analysis of performance claims. The moral? Don’t trust everything you read without looking at the details!

CSSEmbed — Convert images referenced in a CSS file into data URIs. Pretty cool!

Looking for tennis courts on aerial photos — I wish I was better at Computer Vision techniques. But this is a nice explanation!