On the Interwebs, number 20

Fun with Python, OpenCV and face detection — I have been looking for an article on this for a while. This is so amazingly cool!

Reading the Audio Stream from Firefox 3.7 — I hope all the browsers get on this. This would be absolutely awesome.

ECMAScript 5’s Date Extensions — Some long time coming changes to the date object in Javascript (aka ECMAScript). The most welcome of which are the new ways to instantiate a Date object.

ECMA 5/Mozilla Features Implemented in V8 — Speaking of ECMAScript 5 features, a list of which ones are supported by V8, the javascript engine behind Google Chrome and Node.

How Do You Look When Merging Fails ;-) — A script that takes a picture with your webcam every time your merge fails. Pretty funny idea. Though, Mercurial only as far as I can tell.

Asynchronous Servers in Python — A list of all the async web servers available in Python with example code. It is interesting to see the different approaches to one problem.

arel — A way to write SQL in Ruby without having to worry about different SQL engines. I was going to try and write something like this, so it saved me a lot of trouble!

Rails and Merb Merge: Plugin API (Part 3 of 6) — With this merge with Merb, Rails is taking the “framework wars” up a notch. The stuff they are doing is really cool. Also checkout ActiveModel and Generic Actions.