On the Interwebs, number 21

Textmate-Minimap — This is really cool. It adds a zoomed out view of the document you are editing to a tray. I’m not even remotely considering moving away from my beloved Vim, but I would give anything to have something like this built into it. I don’t usually program in MacVim (a graphical Vim editor for Mac OS X), as I prefer to program in an actual Terminal, but I’d consider switching for this. Think it would be possible? If only I knew Objective-C! I imagine it makes keeping track of where you are and where you need to be very easy.

CSS Border Radius Generator — I use this site all the time because I have a horrible memory and can never remember the syntax. Clean, simple and to the point.

Don’t Hash Secrets — I know absolutely nothing about cryptography and therefore found this post highly informative and incredibly interesting. API — has a developer API for taking advantage of their facial recognition software. Cool! — A python library for generating heatmaps from GPS tracks and other data.

The Walled Garden — The best case I’ve read yet for walled garden app stores. And if you think about it, the Ubuntu repositories are walled gardens of sorts, just ones in which all the software is supposed to work together completely (and is free!).